Our Crazy, Exciting Dream!

It was typically one of those two adjectives we'd get when we first started telling family & friends we were going to rent out our house, buy an RV, and travel for a year. 

You're Crazy! or That's Exciting

Most people exclaim that there's no way they'd survive a year in a travel trailer with their spouse or kids. And sometimes I can't help but agree. LOL! As exciting as it all is, there's definitely been times where I've thought "We must be crazy for wanting to give, or pack, away our belongings, downsize to a 300 sqft space and be in close proximity to each other for a whole year." Haha!! 

It certainly has been a gradual process building us up to make this decision. When the girls were toddlers and wanting a free & productive way to entertain them, we started visiting all 120 parks (72  playgrounds) in the City of Raleigh. This began our love for being outdoors together and exploring our natural world. While this goal is still ongoing (120 is A LOT! ๐Ÿ˜„), we have since been to 58 playgrounds and dozens of amazing parks in Raleigh. This naturally led our interest from city parks to state parks, and last April we completed the North Carolina State Park Challenge, visiting all 41 state parks in a full year. Driving around the state camping in a tent we all grew accustomed to traveling together and being all up in each others business. Haha! In fact, I love it. I know this stage of life, with them being young and wanting to spend every minute with us, is a short one and I just want to drink it all up. There's also a calming aspect to my A.D.H.D when I'm in nature with my family. All the noise and stress that's constantly going on in my brain just seems to fall away. 

I also discovered how naturally learning comes while being out in nature. Like seeing frog eggs on a stick in a pond and tying that into the life cycle they're learning at school or noticing all the different varieties of pine trees across our state and understanding how adaption to your environment plays a role. It gave me confidence in knowing that while I might not do as great a job as the girls' amazing teachers back home, I could certainly homeschool them for one year and at least increase their experiential learning. 

Hard to say when the dream to travel for a year started taking shape and becoming a possible reality, but a turning point was certainly when friends of ours made the decision three years ago to pack their lives into a shipping container and move to New Zealand for a while. Watching how brave they were and that excitement for something different made me say "Why not now!" No better time than the present.The girls are at a great age to soak up their experiences like sponges and actually remember them, Mike has a great job with incredible flexibility where he can work remotely from wherever there's network, and my career is still taking shape so taking a year off is no big deal. 

All I can say is that we could not feel more ready than we do today to go explore, investigate, admire and soak in all the diversity that our country has to offer for a full year together. There will be challenges and there will be growth, but how exciting that we get to do it together.


  1. So jealous and happy for you guys! This is an experience they will never forget. Xoxo

  2. Gah!! I love that we were a part of the inspiration to make the jump! Enjoy this special time together! ๐Ÿ’— Looking forward to seeing the rest!

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